Past Lives

past lives proof

Dr. Ian Stevenson was a well-respected psychologist and was the chair of the department of psychology at the University of Virginia. He was given a million-dollar grant to fund research into paranormal psychology, or parapsychology, with the intention of disproving the concept of reincarnation.

Ryan Hammons was 5 years old, he began telling his mother “I used to be someone else” and “take me home to Hollywood.” The boy had a surprising array of specific facts on hand about his former life, including dancing on Broadway, starring in films with Mae West, and eventually becoming a Hollywood agent. Ryan’s mother began looking through books of old Hollywood, and when she reached a still image from the 1932 movie “Night After Night,” Ryan pointed to a man on the edge of a frame and said, “that’s me!” With the help of Dr. Tucker, they were able to identify this man after weeks of investigation as Marty Martyn, an extra who had danced on Broadway and eventually became a powerful agent.

All in all, Ryan was able to provide 55 specific details of Martyn’s life which would not have been available without an investigation: including the name of the street he lived on, his work history, details of his wives and children, and more.

The idea of reincarnation has been around virtually forever; it’s a part of a number of religions and belief systems dating back to ancient times — and it can be pretty wild to read about some of the most infamous stories of alleged past life experiences from history. Clearly there’s something about these stories that draws us in; indeed, although both past life regression and reincarnation are frequently regarded as pseudoscience.

Ancient Journey

When he was a kid, Arthur Flowerdew, who was born in 1906, had dreams of a large city surrounded by desert. It had a temple, and a canyon, and streets, and buildings — all laid in out in very particular ways. Later, he had visions of the city when he was awake as well, often brought on by trips he took to the seashore during which he played withHe grew up. He got old. And one day, while watching a documentary on the BBC about the ancient Jordanian city of Petra, he felt he immediately recognized the place: It was seemingly the city he had been seeing in his dreams since he was a child.

Flowerdew reached out to the BBC, who were intrigued by his story and shot another documentary about and what he believed was a past life he had lived in Petra. The Jordanian government later saw this documentary and reached out to Flowerdew. Would he like to fly to Petra to see it in person, yes, he would. What’s more, before he left, an archaeologist who was well versed in Petra’s history gave Flowerdew a test about the city — and he nailed it. He described major landmarks, identified them on sight when he arrived, and revealed information about the ancient place it seemed like he could not have known.

Shanti Devi

Born in 1926 in Delhi, India, Shanti Devi was four years old when she began telling her parents that her home wasn’t in Delhi; it was 90 miles away in Mathura, where she said her husband lived. She recounted memories of having been married, and later of dying from complications from childbirth. She described what her husband looked like (light-skinned, a wart on his cheek, reading glasses) and where his shop was located (by the Dwarkadhish temple). Eventually she revealed her past persona’s husband’s name: Pandit Kedarnath Chaube.

And, it turned out, the man existed. He had lost his wife, Lugdi Bai, from complications with the C-section she had undergone while giving birth to their son, Navneet Lal. What’s more, Shanti recognized both Pandit Kedarnath Chaube andShanti’s story was investigated by a number of notable people: Ian Stevenson; another reincarnation researcher, Dr. K.S. Rawat; and Mahatma Gandhi. All three were struck by the fact that so many details of her story were verifiable.

The accepted scientific Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed but only changes form. That means that the energy that animates our lives was here before we were born and it will be here after we are gone. Some people call this energy our “soul” but the question still remains, can this energy have memories from it’s previous forms?

Have you ever had an unexplained fear, deja-vu when visiting a new place, or met someone who felt strangely familiar the first time you met them? Reincarnation is an idea that has existed around the world forever yet many are still quick to dismiss it. Recent cases have built a foundation to verify past lives and shed light on the importance of considering the world through this lens. If you or a loved one has ever experienced these unexplained phenomena then you will be happy to know that you are not alone.

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