The Orion War Part 2

Galactic War

The intergalactic Orion Wars started off as a war between two parties. They were the Empire on one side, and the armies of Light on the other. Later on, the Rebels also entered the scene, as a third party. Some authors use “the black league” to indicate the troops of the Empire, while other authors -such as Lyssa Royal- refer to the Rebels as the black league.

There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the Draconians and Lyran humans. The Lyrans wanted to know more about the Draconians before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The Draconians mistook the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three out of 14 planets in the Lyran system. The Lyrans were basically defenseless against this war. The planets Bila, Teka and Merck were destroyed.

Over 50 million Lyran humans were killed. It is at this point in history that the Draconians began to look at humans as a food source. This is how old the struggle is between the reptilian and human races. Now, I must make the point that not all the reptilian or human races are “dark”. There is a mixture. When we start meeting these races again, one will need to trust your gut instinct.

the great human/reptilian conflict spilled over into Earth`s solar system. Galactic Federation humans and other beings had colonised Earth, Venus, and Mars and Maldek. Such planets were four water worlds in unison. A true rarity in the galaxy. The Draconian Empire soon discovered this, and they invaded and colonised the fourth water world; Maldek. Maldek became one of their greatest assets and planets for the Draconian Empire. From Maldek, they planned to overthrow the Galactic Federation orientated Mars, Earth and Venus.

The goal of the invading entities which brought on the Lyran Wars, was to destroy access between the Universal Gates, Lyran Gates and Andromeda, to prevent any metaterrestrial Founder races from gaining access into the Milky Way system, and preventing the future seedings and incarnations of the Christos Founder Races DNA. But soon the Lyran Wars spread to the constellation of Orion and through the Metagalactic Core, where it became a war with those who wanted to dominate others in this system based upon the Victim-Victimizer fear-based mind-sets. This can also be called archetypal Enemy Patterning. Entities with the Service to Self ideology were attempting to enslave or eliminate those who followed the Law of One, with the ideology of Service to Others that held love-based mind sets.

One theory among Mars enthusiasts is the possibility that the Red Planet might once have sustained life forms, but that these creatures were destroyed in a nuclear war that ravaged the planet. As strange as it may sound, some prominent scientists, such as physicist Dr. John Brandenburg, say there’s plenty of evidence on the Red Planet that proves alien life on Mars was wiped out by a nuclear war.

“Mars shows signs of scarring that would only come from nuclear impact. But who’s to say the war is ancient? It could have happened quite recently—it could have happened 100 years ago, or 50 years ago. The war could even still be going on.”

When the Cradle of Lyra was destroyed in the Lyran Wars with Orion Groups it is synonymous with the destruction of the Avatar level of consciousness in our Universal Time Matrix. It destroyed the original access into the 12th Universal Stargate, tearing it away from its organic position in the Andromeda Galaxy as it became merged with the Milky Way Galaxy. This damaged and destroyed the Lyran DNA which was the embodiment of the Silicate Matrix and had the capacity to live as a Krystal Avatar human being. This timeline in the destruction of the planets of Lyra is where seed of the Galactic Wars began that are representative of the wars over consciousness, the war the anti-Christ consciousness has waged against the Christos consciousness in this Universal system.

The Galactic Federation forces, employed their great battleship planet; Nibiru. Nibiru destroyed Maldek the great reptilian headquarters, nine hundred thousand years ago. Maldek became the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter. After this unholy destruction, Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis.

Lemuria was mostly human, (galactic humans from numerous star systems), and democratic, whereas Atlantis was mostly human, but authoritarian and many Atlantians had sided with the Draconian forces. Atlantis was infiltrated by Draconian forces and Atlantis despised democracy and sought to impose a new world order of authoritarian dictatorship. Atlantis attacked and destroyed Lemuria twelve thousand years ago and sunk in negativity shortly afterwards due to abuse of telekinetic and psychic powers.

Then, Draconian forces resorted to clandestinely and surreptitiously incarnating into Earth humans and they imposed a human/reptilian bloodline to rule Earth and such a bloodline possessed blue reptilian blood; the royals In Egyptian times there was an all out war of the Gods on Earth. Reptilian and bird people fought lion people and humans. Many other beings also fought at this time too. And there was even a battle between bird people and reptile people.

In the mist of such galactic warring, humans on Earth, a very important planet both in Draconian religions, and Federation prophecies, began to wake up. And such an awaking induced a peace treaty between the Galactic Federation and the Draconian Empire. In 1995 a great treaty was signed on both sides and millions of years of galactic warring suddenly ceased.

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