Yogis know that destiny arises from consciousness defining itself in us through seven major energy centers—the chakras. The story of the chakras is the story of how spirit manifests in human form, including our individual variations on the human theme, as well as the story of our spiritual destiny and how we can transform our lives through yoga practice.

The word chakra literally means a “spinning wheel” The chakras govern our behavior, shape our emotional life, give expression to our deepest desires, and build the structure of our physical body and personality.

What Are Chakras

Chakras are points where the energetic and physical bodies meet. Imagine chakras like wheels constantly in motion. If these wheels are “stuck,” energy cannot move and we might feel out of whack. Located in the subtle body, there are hundreds of chakras, although the primary seven from the Muladhara system are where the most focus is given.

The first known mention of chakras appeared in a number of early Upanishads around 7-800 BCE. During the 16th century Swami Purananda wrote the Shri-Tattva-Cintamini, the 6th chapter of which is called the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana (investigation of the six centres), including descriptions and practices to activate the chakras, as well as the powers attributed to each chakra and the movement of kundalini in piercing them on its upward journey.

We have major and minor chakras in our energetic body systems. When a chakra is not functioning properly or if it is blocked, illness is more prone to occur. Our wellbeing on all levels can affect and is affected by the chakras. If we are feeling depressed, then we may not be taking in the maximum amount of energy for our needs. If we do not nourish our bodies with the proper food and nutrients, then we may take in less energy than more. If we “block” feelings such as anger, etc., or do not speak our truth, we may be unconsciously impeding our healthy energy flow. On the other hand, if we endeavor to work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, we can promote with ease the flow of energy through our chakras. Yoga is one way, for example, that we can work to strengthen and enhance the flow of our chakra systems. Clearing out clutter in our lives, physically and emotionally, helps to strengthen the flow of our energy. Forgiveness greatly enhances our energetic health. Of course, Reiki helps to strengthen the body’s energetic flow to bring back balance and promotes wellbeing on all levels.

Chakras and the Spine

We need to understand the physical importance of our spine, which is a framework for the nervous system, while giving structure to the body. The spine is also an important facet of spiritual health — many traditions regard the spine with significance, as it is the main channel through which all subtle energies flow. Sitting with a straight spine is crucial, but it should be exercised at your own level of comfort. When we lengthen the spine, it is easier to connect with cosmic and Earth energies. Do not make yourself uncomfortable by trying to maintain a “straight spine.” Any preoccupation with form will only distract and nullify any healing effects.

Chakra Meditation

Seeing chakras is a marvelous gift, Feel the color, shape, and texture of each chakra. Engage other senses to navigate, This is an easy, accessible way to move energy and connect to the subtle body. As you deepen your chakra meditations, you will experience more of your truth. Befriend the wisdom of each energy center, and allow yourself to embody if even for a moment, the frequency you’re perceiving.

In Chakra Meditation the practitioner focuses on one of the seven chakras of the body, typically  doing some visualizations and chanting a specific mantra for each chakra. Most Chakra Meditations focus on the heart chackra, third eye, and crown chackra. Meditation Pyramid helps you focus, relax and reach deeper states of meditation. Its the perfect tool for any meditation type.  Raise your Vibration with Pyramid Energy, reduce your stress and anxiety, feel more peaceful and relaxed, gain perceptual clarity, feel greater joy and confidence and increase your energy.

Chakra Stones

The premise of working with chakra stones or crystals is that each stone has the purpose of magnifying or balancing the energy center you’re focusing on. In order to choose a healing crystal, you have to look at several stone attributes, including its energetic quality, color, and the intuitive or personal resonance you have with it.


Chakra balancing is the process of restoring harmonious and balanced flow of prana throughout the body. When your chakras are well balanced, it brings feelings of wellbeing, relaxation, stability, and embodiment of yourself.

Practicing daily awareness of your chakra balances allows energy to flow more smoothly, improving your mood and energy. Chakra Blends combine the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and the energetic properties of gemstones to aid you in opening and balancing your chakras.

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