Billy Meier

Meier was born to an ordinary family with loving parents, As a small boy, like other children, he would play in the nearby woods. Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier claims he was first contacted by alien figures at the age of five, in 1942, and maintained regular contact throughout his life.

deep into the woods of the Swiss town of Bülach, he came upon an elderly-looking gentleman named Sfath, who was standing in the dense forest wearing garb that resembled a deep-sea diving suit without the helmet. the little boy did not fear him, and the two struck up a conversation — telepathically. This was to be the first of what Meier claimed to have been lifelong interactions with beings from other planets.

previously unknown scientific information that Meier published up to more than 60 years before “official discovery”. Ironclad proof that Meier published the information first is established by internationally recognized copyrights. Conveyed in the clear language of science, and subsequently confirmed by NASA discoveries, is information about every planet in the solar system, as well as black holes, the speed of gravity, the impending threat posed by asteroid Apophis, and terrestrial environmental, seismic and volcanic events, etc.

small cluster of seven stars located in the” Constellation of Taurus of the Bull” known as Pleiades. The cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. The inhabitants of Pleiades, known as Pleiadian’s, are a highly evolved humanoid race and the next step in our evolution. It is said that Pleiadian’s are here to help us in our spiritual journey to enlightenment. Cherokee legend states that their people originated in the Pleiades and they came to this world as starseeds of light and knowledge. If this legend is so, then modern day Cherokee Indians, as well as other Native Americans, have Pleiadian genes.

his otherworldly relationship with Sfath would strengthen and last for eleven years. According to Meier, the two would hold conversations either outside, or with numerous other individuals on Sfath’s spacecraft. While Meier has explained that he was able to speak to extraterrestrials via telepathy, Sfath nevertheless gave the boy a small translation device that could be clipped onto his clothing as another option. Meier was said to have mentally aged at such a rate that he had the maturity of a 35-year-old man when he was only seven. His journeys with Sfath took him through not only space but the expanse of time in which he saw himself in previous lifetimes and beheld the future of the world.

Pleiadian’s are very concerned about the misuse for our sciences today on Earth, and are worried that we will destroy our planet and ourselves. They are concerned that we have completely lost our spiritual center and harmony with our sciences. Pleiadian’s have no use for money, politics and religious rituals and doctrines, which are used by manipulative elites on Earth. Pleiadians have left descendants on the Earth in the past and are willing to help us, but not to the point of changing our evolution and becoming responsible for our race. Earth must create its own future and either correct our mistakes or suffer because of them.

Meier asserts that he became aware he was put on the Earth to assist mankind in its development of consciousness, and he began writing down what he was learning, creating works on meditation and moral codes of conduct, detailing the principles by which humans should live their lives.

Our Future Survival

“While Meier’s evidence is certainly extraordinary, the term itself is prejudicial. Wasn’t it once ‘extraordinary’ to claim that the earth moved around the sun? Testing any claims using scientific methodologies will determine the actual facts.

If this is genuine, we are now confronted with the most important – and unexpected – discovery in science and human history, the confirmed existence of, and ongoing contact with, intelligent extraterrestrial life. Should that be the case, we will want to pay particular attention to the warnings they have provided about coming environmental, geopolitical and financial events that may threaten our future survival. And I think this may be the underlying…reason for the Meier contacts.”

Billy foretold of the two wars the United States would carry out in Iraq, as well as the dire effects of climate change and overpopulation. He is believed to have warned of the AIDS epidemic that swept over the world, SARS, and the rapid outbreak of terrorism in the 21st century.

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