Egely Wheel

George Egely’s

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George acquired his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering of Heat Engines at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1974. He was primarily interested in the research of transmission of heat and energy, which continued to his first workplace at the Atomic Energy Research Institute from 1974 to 1990. His work focused on the study of possible scenarios of energy transmission during nuclear power plant failures. He was granted PhD. by the University of Technology and Economics in 1980.

When George read about natural anomalies for the first time, he started to study these unknown phenomena objectively and by scientific means. He decided to design a measuring device for the indication of bioenergy, the so called life energy. After 10 years of work on refining the measuring process George managed to develop a portable, electronic device, wich can measure and document life- and healing energy.

Egely Wheel

The Egely Wheel is able to measure the life energy that is stored in your body. It can give you the Feedback you need on a daily shift. In that way you can strenghten and learn how to balance your innerself. By using the device, you can check, measure and also increase your energy levels and vitality easily.

I have tested the vitality meter, and I am very fascinated. It shows your energy very accurately. It also comes with an electric device that’s is able to measure from a scale how the energy is flowing.

It can take time to control the device, but after the second day I started to make progress. I found it easy to use. Simply place your hand close to the wheel and focus your mind and will power to move the wheel, in the desired direction after some practice. The device is attached to one electric compose that measure your energy and is able to give you a feedback. It comes with a manual that shows you how to read the scale.

Why should you care?

Around the world more people do care for their health and body. Many people are into yoga and mindfulness the way to balance mind, body and soul has grown exceptional. We love to see how the world is opening up to become more self aware. With the Egely wheel you’ll be able to measure and see the following progress of your own journey.

start your journey

I do recommend this product to everyone that is into master their Inner self. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or if you have practiced for a long time. This device fits for everyone. To order this wonderful product you can click here.

I have also left a link to a wonderful blog post from the Egely Wheel home page. It is about Vitality and they show some really interesting writing about historical people that would use their abilities click here

What to expect

The wonderful power of our thoughts and energy is far greater than what we can imagine. This is not just a tool that really shows and gives proof that you posses any source of energy, it is also telling you how to get in better shape. On Egely Wheels’ blog page you can read some really great post about how to take control and improve your Inner wealth, click here

George Egely received different awards with his product the vitality meter. Not just for making an absolute outstanding device that measure your energy flow, but also the science behind this device. This is not an easy made product to entertain, this is in my mind – one of the most outstanding devices I have experienced and one product I’m proud to present to you.

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